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Staying Fit while Coping at Home

While you may be stuck at home these next couple of weeks, there still are a number of things you can do to stay fit:

  • Get a partner who is currently with you at your home or find a virtual friend to join you. Inspire them to work out with you and eat right.

  • Create a Daily Food and Exercise Schedule for the next week (Monday through Sunday) and tape it up on your refrigerator door:

a. Exercise schedule.

- Make it a daily routine.

- Get up during commercials and walk around the dining room table.

- Click on the below 20-30 minute YouTube workout video links:

Exercise Video 1 - 30 minute Fast Walking at Home

Exercise Video 2 - 30 minute Hip Hop Fit workout

Exercise Video 3 - 20 minute Walk at Home

Exercise Video 4 - 20 minute Zumba

Exercise Video 5 - 30 minute HIIT Cardio

Exercise Video 6 - 30 minute Low Impact Cardio

- Try any of these Fitness Apps to get in a good workout:

Nike Training Club

Try free fitness videos in categories like “Workouts in Small Spaces.”

Use AirPlay with your Apple TV for an immersive experience.

Click here.