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Dining & Party Tips

Holiday Dining & Party Tips

At the Party

1. In place of alcohol or eggnog, carry a glass of seltzer with just a spritz of cranberry juice or lemon/lime for taste. If you must have that alcoholic drink, then be sure to alternate a glass of water/seltzer between each and every drink. (Keep in mind that most alcoholic beverages can have over 450 calories).

2. At least 1 hour prior to arriving at the party, drink 2 glasses of water.

3. Place your food on a smaller sized plate/dish, and eat with a smaller sized fork and teaspoon(rather than tablespoon).

4. Increase the protein portion of your meal - lean meat, fish, chicken, turkey, or eggs.

5. Avoid the appetizers.

6. Bump up the minutes of aerobic exercise the day of and after the party.

7. As an alternative to a scoop of ice cream, consider a teaspoon of low fat whip cream/cool whip with a pinch of sprinkles on top.

8. The day after, make it an 'all protein' day. No breads or fruits the entire Friday.

​​At the Restaurant

1. Be prepared. Select your meal before you get to the restaurant by looking at the menu online. You'll make a more level headed/healthier choice.

2. Don't arrive at the restaurant famished. Make sure you have eaten small meals earlier in the day.

3. Tell the waiter NOT to bring out the bread basket (out of sight, out of mind). Ask for carrot / celery sticks as an alternative.

4. Drink 1 glass of water as soon as you sit down.

5. Order a large salad (use lemon juice or vinegar; without the oil or creamy dressing; avoid added cheese).

6. Order clear broth soup.

7. Consider ordering your entree from the appetizer section (to keep the portion size small).

8. Order a Protein entree (non breaded nor fried) and steamed/grilled vegetables.

9. Tell the waiter to place half the entree into a doggie bag before it is served.

10. Minimize the alcohol. Instead, drink water, seltzer, diet soda, or tea/coffee.

11. If you must order a dessert, then share it with your date (preferably fresh fruit, sorbet, or sherbet).

12. Use a smaller sized fork and spoon (so that you'll take more bites & eat more slowly).

13. Use a smaller sized plate or bowl to place your food in (to make you think you are eating a larger sized portion).

14. Enjoy your food by taking time in between bites and chewing your food slowly.

15. Avoid the salt. Use lemon juice and spices instead.

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