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TitleMD - Weight Loss and Nutrition
TitleMD - Weight Loss and Nutrition
TitleMD - Weight Loss and Nutrition
TitleMD - Weight Loss and Nutrition

Live to the fullest.
Rated "BEST" weight loss center in NYC


Our programs are based on the latest developments in the fields of nutrition and medical weight control.  All our programs include individualized eating plans, medical supervision, and counseling, a support system and the appropriate use of safe government approved medication, if necessary.   We now offer Semaglutide weight loss injections administered at our office to qualifying patients (for more details, click here).

In Doctor Title's own words:


"More than 25 years of working with the overweight individual has convinced me that many diets simply do not work. Successful programs must be flexible enough to not interfere with daily routines and yet produce highly effective weight loss. Each plan is designed to meet your particular needs. The patient and I will choose the eating plan that best fits his or her particular lifestyle."


"The eating plans differ primarily in the type and variety of foods they offer. Some people prefer a broader selection of foods while others find a more limited menu to follow. Some prefer a menu which is planned by the doctor and doesn't deviate in choices."


"The most flexible of the weight loss programs, the Point System, which I developed 25 years ago, is designed to provide a variety of foods as well as rapid weight loss. If you work or travel frequently, this plan may be the way for you. We will design a menu that includes lean meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruit, grains and low fat dairy products. You may make your own food choices or we can provide sample menus to simplify decision-making."


We also offer high protein powder replacement meals, if desired.


Why Should You Choose New York Specialists in Medical Weight Control?


  •   Specialized Programs

  •   Skilled Doctors

  •   Real & Long Lasting Results!

  •   Rated  "BEST Weight Loss Center in New York City"

  •   Free Medical Weight Loss consultation

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