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Title Tips: Exercise Tips & Fitness Apps

Exercise Tips -

Welcome to our series, Title Tips: Simple goals that you can easily accomplish today!

Exercise and activity are key to staying fit and being healthy.

Not only will exercise help you to lose weight and keep it off, it will also make you feel better, improve your energy level, help to control your blood sugar and cholesterol, as well as improve muscle and bone mass.

Although you may not be able to head to your gym or run in the park, here are a few great tips you can still do to stay active while at home.

You can jog in place for 20-30 minutes while watching your favorite TV show, talking with friends on the phone, or while listening to your favorite music workout playlist.

You can use a variety of online exercise video classes:On YouTube – you can pick the best workout program and intensity level that is right for you…from 20 or 30 min walking videos, to low impact classes, hip hop, and Zumba.

- Click on the below 20-30 minute YouTube workout video links:

Exercise Video 1 - 20 minute Walk at Home

Exercise Video 2 - 30 minute Walk at Home

Exercise Video 3 - 30 minute Hip Hop Fit workout

Exercise Video 4 - 20 minute Zumba

Exercise Video 5 - 30 minute HIIT Cardio

Exercise Video 6 - 30 minute Low Impact Cardio

Other online resources include:

LessMills On Demand - large selection of currently free home workouts,

Asphalt Green at Home

Or you can use any of these Fitness Apps on your smart phone or iPad to get in a good workout: