Recipes & Dieting Tips: Holiday Dining & Party Tips

Holiday Dining & Party Tips At the Party 1. In place of alcohol or eggnog, carry a glass of seltzer with just a spritz of cranberry juice or lemon/lime for taste. If you must have that alcoholic drink, then be sure to alternate a glass of water/seltzer between each and every drink. (Keep in mind that most alcoholic beverages can have over 450 calories). 2. At least 1 hour prior to arriving at the party, drink 2 glasses of water. 3. Place your food on a smaller sized plate/dish, and eat with a smaller sized fork and teaspoon(rather than tablespoon). 4. Increase the protein portion of your meal - lean meat, fish, chicken, turkey, or eggs. 5. Avoid the appetizers. 6. Bump up the minutes of aero

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