Staying Fit while Coping at Home

March 22, 2020


While you may be stuck at home these next couple of weeks, there still are a number of things you can do to stay fit:


  • Get a partner who is currently with you at your home or find a virtual friend to join you.  Inspire them to work out with you and eat right.




  • Create a Daily Food and Exercise Schedule for the next week (Monday through Sunday) and tape it up on your refrigerator door:

     a.  Exercise schedule

          -  Make it a daily routine. 

           - Get up during commercials and walk around the dining room table.

          -  Click on the below 20-30 minute YouTube workout video links:

Exercise Video 1  -  30 minute  Fast Walking at Home

Exercise Video 2  -  30 minute  Hip Hop Fit workout

Exercise Video 3  -  20 minute  Walk at Home

Exercise Video 4  -  20 minute  Zumba

Exercise Video 5  -  30 minute  HIIT Cardio

Exercise Video 6  -  30 minute  Low Impact Cardio



          -  Try any of these Fitness Apps to get in a good workout:



Nike Training Club


Try free fitness videos in categories like “Workouts in Small Spaces.”

Use AirPlay with your Apple TV for an immersive experience.

Click here.







On the couch? Smash a pillow. In the kitchen? Dance with skillets.

Get in some exercise with fun micro-workouts that add up.

Click here.







You don’t need a Peloton (or any equipment, actually) to get in a great workout. Choose from tons of HIIT cardio, yoga, and stretching classes.

Click here.





     b.  Food schedule.

-Create a full weeks menu for each meal.   Then consider how to daily prepare.

- Stick with Proteins (egg whites, chicken, fish, turkey, tofu), Green colored vegetables, and Salads (light on the dressing).

- Keep a food journal/diary for everything that you do eat (including snacks and meals).

  • Limit the alcohol, sugary drinks, juices, and children's leftovers.

  • Drink 1-2 cups of water/seltzer throughout the day (put a timer on your clock).

  • Sleep.  Keep your regular sleep schedule.   Don't stay up late.

  • Engage in some stress reducing activities: Yoga, leisurely reading.


Don't forget to check out our full catalogue of Dieting tips on our website.


(Keep in mind, that if you are not feeling well, you should consult with your primary MD.)


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